In today’s coal market, these four characteristics are more important than ever. River Trading Company has become an industry leader by incorporating these ideals into its core business of marketing coal to the industrial and utility market. From ownership and management to sales force to administration, the experience of River Trading’s personnel is second to none in the industry. The key personnel of River Trading have been working in the coal industry their entire lives. We’ve been through every economic and market cycle and continued to serve our customers with the highest quality coal products and personalized service. This experience has evidenced itself in our ability to solve problems and offer solutions to our customers. Our expertise in handling environmental difficulties such as inclement weather, low or high water on the river systems and technical ability to affect improvements to customers’ coal at those facilities before delivery makes us a valuable source.

River Trading treats every customer with the utmost respect and integrity. We can service the coal requirements of the largest utilities to the smallest local industrial facility. Our coal sales operations have expanded from sales to the Upper Midwest industrials to a truly national scale today.